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Earthing Half Sheet Kit

The Earthing® Half Sheet Kit contains a 100% cotton half sheet (36" x 120") with woven-in conductive silver fibers. The sheet is placed at the foot or center of the bed, over your bottom fitted sheet and tucked under and around the mattress. The sheet connects to the earth with a ground cord. One end of the ground cord snaps onto the sheet and the other end connects into the ground port of a grounded electrical outlet or to the included ground rod system.  As your bare skin touches the conductive bedding the energy of the Earth is able to flow into your body grounding you as you sleep.

Also check out our Premium Starter Kit.  This kit includes everything you need to get started grounding:  Half Sheet for the bed, Universal Mat, Conductivity Tester, Outlet Checker, Ground Rod System, book, and all the cords for just $199.00!  That's a savings of over $80.00 and it gets you grounded day and night!

Earthing Half Sheet Kit
Earthing Half sheet
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  • The Earthing Half Sheet Kit contains a 100% cotton half sheet (36" x 122") with woven-in conductive silver fibers.

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