Earthing Mat

Earthing Universal Mat and Cover Kit

The Earthing® Universal Mat and Cover offers broad flexibility. The earthing mat measures 10”X27” (25x69cm) and includes a fabric, sleeve-like, conductive cover (washable). Use it anywhere in the home or office to place your bare feet on as you work at the computer, sit in a favorite chair, or rest on the couch. In addition, the mat can be used to ground your hands while typing or using a mouse at your desk. The grounding pad is also used as an earthing pet mat and can be placed on animal beds. The cover is easy to wash for quick clean up. The grounding mat includes a 15' cord which connects to the ground port of  a grounded home/office electrical outlet or the optional ground rod system.

Also check out our Premium Starter Kit.  This kit includes everything you need to get started grounding:  Universal Mat, Half Sheet for the bed, Conductivity Tester, Outlet Checker, Ground Rod System, book, and all the cords for just $199.00!  That's a savings of over $80.00 and it gets you grounded day and night!

Earthing Universal Mat and Cover Kit
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  • The versatile Earthing Universal Mat and Cover can be used in the office or home to rest feet on it or to use ontop of a desk.

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